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    You Know You're In The Doghouse When...

    Clues To Let You Know When With The Dog Out You Go

    These Rhymeos by Cyrano De Words-u-lac coupled with photography is comedic relief and therapeutic encouragement for couples to better realize the common shortcomings of their other half.

    she fakes headaches.

    you’re married to the work you do.

    constant clutter makes her shudder.


    it’s no shock she changed the lock.


    he golfs till noon on your honeymoon.


    she’s wishing you were fishing.

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    I Dare You Again To Diet When...

    Advice and insight for those who indulge
    and try to fight the battle of the bulge.


    If you're a phobic aerobic...

    If you brag and boast about eating a roast…

    If you add flab with ease eating slabs of cheese...


    If your only inspiration comes from refrigeration...


    If you teeter as a cheater of a sweeter over eater...


    If you lack the knack of ceasing to snack...


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    You Know You're Smitten As A Kitten...

    Clues To Let You Know You're Had At Hello


    Every single kiss is more mingle bliss.

    You walk in the park together past dark.

    You're head over heels with bedroom appeals.

    Every day in every room you spray stray perfume.

    You find a way to say "I love you" every day.


    Suddenly daily hygiene is suave and clean.


  • Contact Dan & Dave Davidson

    the brothers behind cyrano's mind


    Dan & Dave Davidson

    Cyrano De Words-u-lac


    Who is Cyrano?


    Cyrano De Words-u-lac

    is the modern day Show-It Poet

    and dynamo of Rhymeo.

    As legend has it, he is the

    great, great, great grandson

    of the literary figure

    Cyrano de Bergerac.


    Cyrano is…

    a word weaver

    rhyme retriever,

    life narrator,

    time translator,



    and creator,


    with a revolutionary



    a prolific writer,

    poetic reciter,


    a literary



    the first

    in verse.


    on par with

    the best wordsmith,


    among supermen

    of the fountain pen,


    an extraordinary



    a master of the alphabet

    and writing tablet.


    a stellar



    the brief



    a self designed

    legend in his own rhyme.


    Cyrano is…

    the combined

    pen name of brothers

    Dr. Dan and Dave Davidson,

    partners in rhyme,

    the ink behind

    Cyrano's mind.